How Childhood and College Life influenced me to become an Escort

People often think that prostitution is different from escorting. The thought is that as an escort, men will be more interested in paying for your company and time. However, they are both pretty much the same. I joined college like any other normal girl living the typical lifestyle of most students. It was life in there that changed me and my life, probably forever. Nothing ever feels the same anymore. Here is a review of my escorting life.

How did I become an escort?

Some people may take it like it was a choice that I was free to decide between becoming an escort and going on with my normal life. But to me, circumstances made me choose to go down that path. In my freshman year as a busty teen, I felt lonely and decided to try out online dating sites. After all, there was no harm. It would all be for fans. At one time on the dating site, I met a man that promised a lot of money to spend time and to some things with his friends. No one mentioned at this point that it would be prostitution. That was where my life changed completely. I was introduced to prostitution and drugs, specifically cocaine and ketamine. In my whole college life, I traded sex for money to cater to my substance needs. I became addicted. After college, I decided to join an escort agency in London.

Life as an escort

When I joined London escorts, I was driven by two main things. First, I told myself that I only needed to exclusively see a few clients just to get money to sustain my addiction. Second, I had a childhood background of sexual abuse that made me feel like men always want to be in control. Therefore, I wanted to use sex to feel in control at least for once in my life. In the agency, I met a girl called Sophia. She was experienced and guided me in my first few months. We became very good friends.

At first, the money that I made was enough to cover my expenses. Sophia then started coming up with excuses that she needed me to lend her money for emergencies. As a friend, I came through for her. By this time, my need for cocaine had grown so high that I needed more money. To match up to the responsibilities, I started seeing more clients per week. It is always funny how drugs and sex relate. You sell sex to buy drugs, but then, with time, you need drugs to sell sex. Clients we meet are always into all sorts of fantasies. Some are just lonely; others want to try activities that their wives wouldn’t agree to, while others want to take advantage of you. It was all in contrast with my motive to control men. Although I still find myself using sex to get what I want, including love.

I still believe that as long as girls continue selling sex for money, they can never be equal to men. Most girls in the agency are victims of rape, incest, or sexual abuse. Some might say escorting is for damaged people. I want to get out myself if I could find someone who understands my experience truly and is willing to help me.